SBI Still Missing Dean

Nine months after a search committee was selected to find a replacement for retiring School of Business and Industry Dean Sybil Mobley, a recommendation has yet to be made.

But the search committee has recommended three people for the job.

Mobley, who started SBI in 1974, retired from the school’s top post on June 30, leaving the position she’d held for 29 years vacant. Amos Bradford, director of the academics undergraduate program, has been named interim dean.

Before accepting the position of interim dean, Bradford had also been an associate professor with the division of management service.

“I plan to lead the School of Business and Industry in a spectacular fashion,” Bradford said. “The administration and myself plan to move SBI forward to new heights for an innovative future.”

Before Bradford was selected as the school’s interim dean, a management team was in place to make decisions normally done by the dean.

“I believe that Dr. Bradford will do an outstanding job,” said Roosevelt Broke, an adjunct professor for the SBI

The 15-member search committee, in operation since January 2003, consists of three students, a representative from the FAMU’s alumni association and 11 SBI staffers.

“Our mission was to find the most qualified candidates that would be able to head SBI,” said committee Chair Norm Johnson.

The committee’s objective was to thoroughly research suggested candidates, evaluate their capabilities and qualifications and prepare a report to be sent to the administration, Johnson said. Although the group has finished its search and submitted recommendations, there still is no permanent dean.

“There is no need to rush, we will search as long as it takes to yield a decision,” said FAMU President Fred Gainous. “Dr. Sybil Mobley left a hard position to fulfill.”

Students say they feel it’s important for them to have a say in who will replace Mobley, known for having most of her graduates placed in jobs immediately after graduation.

“It’s going to take a lot to become the new dean and it is very important to the students who that person is,” said Delilah Johnson, 21, a senior business administration student from Cincinnati.

Bradford said he’s weary the job isn’t being filled quickly, but has confidence in the president’s motives.

“I dare not guess how long it will take to find a permanent dean, it seems that the process will emerge again,” Bradford said. “President Gainous wants to find the best candidate and he is willing to take his time to do it.”

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Candidates selected by the search committee to replace former SBI dean sybil Mobley:
Charles Evans, director of the MBA program, SBI
Nedjet Dellener, the assistant dean of St. Johns University
Ben Newhouse, professor of accounting at Tuskegee University