Living with the White Race article published Sept. 10, 2003

Dear Editor,I am utterly appalled that you would publish an article as unwarranted and preposterous as the “Living with the White Race” article published in your Sept. 10, 2003 issue. If any publication were to include such comments as those contained in the article flipped around to where it was not in the favor of African-Americans, they would be subject to accusations of racism and bigotry. I understand this is a newspaper printed by a students attending a historically black university and it was an Opinions column; however, as a minority attending this university I feel that the publication of columns of this nature, that represent unjustifiable information as truths, is not something a credible emerging publisher should subject itself to. Moreover, I feel that in printing such an article you have indirectly made a statement that intolerance and prejudice on the part of your staff toward minority FAMU students is acceptable.