What if…

To the editor:I, a white student,recently read the column written by Mr. Rogers in the September 10th edition of the Famuan, and was wondering what if… What if this column had wasn’t written at a H.B.C. Would it be considered racist?With A. Hitler like comments refering to whites having “recessive genes.” Albeit Fuzzy Zoeller could tell you.(Comments at the Masters Tournament about Tiger)

What if a WHITE guy had written that the Aids epidemic was placed here because blacks were trying to keep us down or “survive”. Which by the way Mr. Rogers AIDS first surfaced in homosexuals, not blacks. It just so happens that blacks CHOOSE not to protect themselves thus the figures show what they show.

I am truly disappointed in the FAMUAN for publishing an “Opinion Column” like this one. It does blacks nor whites any good, and it sure isn’t culturally sensitive. What if the shoe were on the other foot….Rev. Jesse Jackson himself would be here marching up Monroe Street singing “We will over come.”

Oh and by the way Mr. Rogers I guarantee your ancestors would give you the damn field!

Chris Cobb Cobbie002006@hotmail.com