U.S. Alienates Rest of World

Two years after the attacks on the World Trade Centers, America responded to the conflict the same way they always do, by throwing money at it.

After spending billions of dollars to send troops overseas to fight terrorism America has only succeeded in spreading terror.

Not only has Bush succeeded in polarizing the United States from their allies, he has managed to make them doubt America’s motives and plans for future military operations.

While no one begrudges America its desire for vengeance against Afghanistan and Al Qaeda, no foreign country is satisfied with its “unjustified and unilateral use of military force” against Iraq.

In less than a year, the United States has gone from victim to victimizer in the minds of many overseas. How did this transition in feelings from sympathy to hostility occur?

Let’s start with Bush’s first request to search Iraqi compounds for weapons of mass destruction. Okay, so maybe the United Nations didn’t find any the first time, or the second time, or the third time. Europe was willing to continue the searches but Bush had other plans.

Thanks to the Bush administration’s “war on terror,” the United States’ presence in Iraq is being compared to Hitler’s reign of terror.

Since then Bush has done nothing to disprove America’s reputation as a greedy global bully. As the United States’ stay in Iraq grows infinitely longer, America must harness its belligerent tendencies and learn to cooperate with those forces they may someday need.

No one likes the playground bully and worse, no one likes the overbearing country with inclinations toward world domination.