Fans Shouldn’t Cry Yet

Now that week one has been completed, everyone wants to pass judgments on their team. In no way is week one an indicator that your team will be a contender or a pretender.

A fan must keep that in mind. Don’t think your team is going to the Super Bowl if they won their first game and don’t panic if your team lost.

That rule does not apply to you if you’re a Dolphins fan: you should’ve hit the panic button on Sunday.
If your team won last week, then you have reason to be optimistic about their season. But don’t get cocky because they could finish 1-15.

If your team lost, don’t get down. Remain positive. Think of it this way: Essentially, week one of the regular season is just like week five of the preseason. Players are getting their timing back and getting used to actual game speed.

However, there are some fans that should or should not worry.

Detroit fans should worry because they played Arizona. Granted they won, but they gave 24 points to a team that has no scoring potential.

Arizona fans have nothing to worry about, they’ll suck again. If you’re a St. Louis fan, you should start taking you’re blood pressure pills now. Mike Martz believes more in throwing the ball 60 times a game rather than just giving the ball to Marshall Faulk.

Bengals fans, don’t worry, you have a good coach in Marvin Lewis. But in 2003, you’ll still be the Bungals.
Packers fans, don’t worry, Brett Farve was just a little rusty. The same could be said about San Diego.
If I was a Bears fan, I would not like my chances of winning too many games this year, especially with Kordell Stewart looking like the same quarterback that got benched in Pittsburgh.

New England fans, I wouldn’t get stressed out by this season, especially since your championship was a fluke.

But don’t feel left out, because Tampa Bay’s championship was a fluke also. The Bucs have a great defense, but their less than mediocre offense just happened to click at the right time.

The NFL season is long and full of surprises, so if your team is still in the league they still have a chance to be successful. It’s just week one.

Travon McCall, 20, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Clinton, Md. He can be reached at