Enslavement Continues Only in Willing Minds

America is recognized as the nation with the most freedom in the world.

Even if you disagree with the way America throws its weight around, you can’t deny having the opportunity to do what you want, when you want and however you want it in America.

Still, you think the 2000 presidential election was stolen and most Americans are racist.

The term slavery refers to a horribly barbaric time in America’s past where thousands, if not millions, of our ancestors were brutally forced into hard labor. They were raped, murdered, bought and sold.

Racism and prejudice are the cornerstones upon which the institution of slavery is built. Without a comfortable relationship with racism and prejudice, slavery cannot exist.

Slavery by nature forces slaves to stay at the bottom of the social latter. Though, in today’s society, blacks are free to climb as high as they dare.

Is it difficult at times? Yes. Is it impossible or even improbable? No.

In the days of slavery it was illegal to teach blacks how to read. This was done to keep blacks from getting “dangerous ideas” in their heads. Now, public schooling is available to all Americans. And higher education is also now within arms reach of the descendents of slaves. A college education gives its recipients the chance to do what slaves were denied.

Not only do blacks have opportunities to advance in the private and entertainment sectors, but the avenue of government offers a way for blacks to gain control and power.

There are 2 black senators, 12 black congressmen and a black Supreme Court justice. Also, numerous blacks work as aids, judges and state legislators throughout the U.S. government.

Southern states did not allow their slave population to participate in the government. Yet, in today’s society, having a minority on your ticket is a sure fire way to get more votes.

Slaves did not have rights. A slave could not sue, testify in court, or even have a right to a trial. The same cannot be said for blacks in America today. Some of the most successful blacks in America are lawyers like Johnny Cochran. Also, Clarence Thomas, a black man, is serving on the Supreme Court for life.

No matter what form of slavery has been demonstrated, all forms of slavery have one thing in common; those oppressed are powerless.

Nevertheless, when a black child is born today he has infinite possibilities. If any type of slavery exists in America today, it’s only in the mind. Because in reality there is nothing holding us back.

Daniel Watkins, 20, is a junior Computer Information Science student from Augusta, Ga. He can be reached at caharin17@yahoo.com.