Buckle Up and Have Fun

You are stranded on the road because your tire went flat and you do not have a spare. You tried to use your cell phone to call for assistance, but it does not carry service in that area. Looks like you are stranded; now what do you do?

This weekend, rattler fans will strike their way into Gator territory, in search for another successful win from their team.

However, to ensure a safe arrival, The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles advises students take safety precautions.

Students are urged to slow down and buckle up.

“Students are doing 85-90 mph,” Kathy English, Traffic Safety Specialist, said. “They would save so many lives if they would take 3 seconds to buckle up and drive the speed limit.”

Students heading south for the weekend may encounter or witness vehicular accidents, negligent drivers and speeding violations.

To insure a safe trip, some drivers and passengers prepare for road trips by taking preventative measures.

“I’m a back-seat driver and I usually make sure everyone has on their seatbelts,” said Deidre Harris, 21, elementary education student from Orlando.

Students should also realize the importance of seeking directions when traveling to new places.

“Directions for the exact location are imperative when visiting a city that is unfamiliar,” Ariel Edwards said, a 21, English Literature student at Florida State University from Miami.

In the 2001 crash report, the record for the highest amount of fatal crashes fell between September and December, according to the department of highway safety.

“Most (car crashes) that occur during the football season involve a majority of college students traveling to and from games held in other cities,” English said.

Whether carpooling or driving alone, a car owner’s manual may provides tips for safe highway traveling. One manual recommends that you check seat belts, defrosters, tires, lights and fluid leaks.

“Before leaving, I make sure my car has an oil change, that the air pressure in my tires are checked and I have my cell phone,” Shayana S. Lemon said, a 21 year old junior, elementary education student from Atlanta.

However, driving is not the only option for students when traveling to away games.

Alternate transportation is often provided by the SGA for a reasonable price. The Price includes a game ticket, room and board and bus transportation.

For more information about the Atlanta Football Classic, contact the SGA at 599-3624.