Blacks Remain Enslaved by Societal Ignorance

It’s true, slavery still exists in the United States. Although it’s not in the same form it was originally, it is pervasive in today’s society. Because of slavery, a whole group of people were stripped of their culture. They were stolen from their native land and brought to a strange country. They had no way of preserving their history because an ocean separated them from their ancestors. Blacks were taught to hate their skin color, their history, and countless other aspects of their life. Today, blacks still hate their skin color and continue to use it against each other. Many are stuck believing lighter is better. How often have you heard a man say, “I only date the light-skinned ladies?” Why? For so long we have been taught to crave a lighter complexion. If you were of a lighter persuasion, you could be mistaken as white and receive the benefits that skin color afforded. Blacks need to learn to accept their skin color and escape from this archaic viewpoint. Another result of a history of slavery that is still prevalent in society is dehumanization. During bondage, slaves weren’t treated as human beings. They had to live by slave codes and were denied civil rights. They weren’t allowed to vote, marry or own property. Regardless of what some may say, racism and discrimination still exist and dehumanize. Instead of being treated the same, blacks are treated as less than equal. Racial profiling, prejudice and stereotypes against blacks continue to exist because black America has done nothing about it. It is imperative that blacks take a stand. They have become stagnant and content with how they are being treated. They continue to accept under funded schools and minimal resources instead of demanding equality. Blacks may have fled from the initial institution of slavery but they cannot flee from stigmas attached to their race. They will always be seen as inferior beings. Whether they are rich or poor, dark skinned or light skinned, they are first and foremost black Americans. Until this society can find a way to rid itself of the mindset that blacks should be treated as second-rate, slavery will thrive in America.

Dominique Drake, 18, is a sophomore business administration student from Cleveland, Oh. She is the Deputy Sports Editor. She can be reached at