9-11 Overlooked by More Important Issues

On Aug. 26, the United States reached an “unfortunate milestone” by sufficiently sustaining and equaling the amount of deaths during and after war – 138. A numbered tragedy this high doesn’t happen to a country by accident.

This day two years ago, a document was received by the U. S. government stating the possibility of attacks the next day. Yet, preparations to intercept and do something about the situation were not made. Now, we are morning the death of thousands of Americans as the 2nd sad anniversary of 9-11 approaches.

Now, neglecting to remember the soldiers in Afghanistan, who have been there almost two years, the USA has jumped aboard the train to rid the world of Saddam Hussein, a threat only made a reality from President Bush seeking revenge for his father.

Begging congress for 87 billion more dollars, President Bush, unwisely uses the excuse to reform Iraq, when America has yet to reform itself. The target of 9-11 is still out there and many have forgotten about it. And too many citizens are still hurting by something that has not yet been fixed.

The point-of-the-matter is, Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Sept.11. Afghanistan did and if we are going to imprudently spend money we don’t have, at least use it for repairs and seeking the bastards that destroyed so many people’s lives on that fatal day.

September 11, 2001 will forever remain in the minds of so many people.

I remember my mother called me at about 10:00 that morning telling me, “We are at war.” Not really understanding the amount of sadness behind the statement, I quickly turned on the television on to find myself crying minutes later at the horrid sight.

Replays of plane, after plane, after plane, after plane, plowing into the world trade buildings 6 and 7 on to show another plane land in the Pentagon and another in an open field.

The amount of lives lost, the amount of lives turned upside down, the fact that tiny kids would never see their parents again plagued my mind. Then angered me to discover, the US government knew of the possibility of these attacks the day before.

There is a chain of command in any organization to go through. The fact that a document actually reached the top of all command, of all organizations in what is supposed to be a civilized society, clicks the switch in my mind that something is up and action needs to be taken. Why didn’t the government do something about it?

Now, two years later the entire country is in debt some 400 trillion dollars because of one man spending the money for the wrong cause.

Retribution and justice for September 11 still has not been given.

Yet, Americans are quick to kill somebody who had nothing to do with it. My question to you and the President of the United States:

When will justice, peace and punishment (to the correct persons) be given on behalf of the thousands of lives that didn’t have to die because the government overlooked one peace of paper?