Financial Aid Forgets Customer Service

There is still a great deal of work to be done at Florida A&M University. It seems the appetite for providing students with quality customer service is diminishing, especially in the financial aid office.

As a student who uses this department frequently, I can attest to the fact that the services provided are less than professional. In addition, the proficiency level is below average. It seems the knack to dodge the efforts of students searching for accurate information symbolizes their failure to follow the creed of this university-to provide “excellence with caring.”

It’s disappointing that I had to come to this conclusion. I am enraged that the office can’t sufficiently assist students because of its antiquated technology issues. What’s the value of customer service if the person serving you can only respond with “I don’t know?”

I ask you, if this is proper “customer service,” shouldn’t we be able to demand more “excellence with caring” from this dilapidated department?

Because a percentage of our tuition dollars provide folks in financial aid with a job in the first place, we deserve respect and intelligible answers.

Bottom line, financial aid needs to catch up with the rest of the university in terms of producing better service to the students-its customers.

Don’t you agree?

The remedy to this problem is simple; this department needs to be a better provider of customer service so that their office can give credence to the words “excellence with caring.”

Amanda Wilkerson, 22, is a junior political science student from Miami. She can be reached at