Turn Gripes Into Solutions

For the past few days this campus has been plagued by complaints from students and faculty, alike.

Many students voiced concern and frustration regarding the housing and financial aid departments as well as skepticism about our football team’s rise to Division I-A.

However, in the midst of dissent are those who are proud to be part of the Florida A&M University family. No one denies that there are issues FAMU needs to address and redress, but none of its shortcomings should be viewed as representative of the entire university. Whereas constructive criticism can bring positive changes, relentless criticism has the power to destroy.

As the driving force behind this institution, it is up to the true Rattlers to make sure this institution remains a model of excellence for other historically black colleges and universities. If its students present a dissatisfied, bitter face to the public, how will FAMU bring in the new, eager scholars and athletes it needs to thrive?

While the university is here for us, it is not enslaved to us. If there is going to be change on this campus, it is going to have to come from dedicated famuans. Famuans that are unafraid to stand up for their university. Famuans that are willing to accept their faults as well as their strengths.

How many times have we heard someone say that they wish they attended or had even applied to another school?

It’s those Rattlers that hinder the efforts of President Fred Gainous and the Student Government Association to improve FAMU. It’s those Rattlers that keep the university from progress.

If you want to focus on the problems and not be a part of the solution, Florida A&M is not for you.

This university belongs to those who “bleed orange and green.” Regardless of what happens in its various departments, FAMU’s greatness depends on its students.