Nappy Root’s Album Hits it Off

The Nappy Roots sophomore album “wooden leather” serves up the same trademark sound found in their debut “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz.”

The Kentucky based group stuck to their country roots and creatively combined hard-hitting lyrics with dirty-south bass lines in.

With songs like “Leave This Morning,” featuring Raphael Saadiq, and “What Cha’ Gonna Do? (The Anthem),” produced by the King of Crunk Lil’ Jon, this album will serve the purpose of music lovers.

The tracks “Nappy Roots Day,” “Roun’ The Globe,” “War/Peace,” a rocked out track similar to the works of Outkast, and “These Walls” are highlights of an album that could become a classic.

“Nappy Roots Day” a song that definitely qualifies for campus “bassing” sprees, has a tight bass-line and lyrics. These words feature the groups uniqueness and the individuality in each member’s flow.

“These Walls,” features tight, conscious lyrics that investigate the meaning of life. The chorus is so simple in it’s wording that hip-hop music lovers can digest.

These walls are closing in/How long I’m sposed’ to grin/I lost my will to win/Forgive my sins/

At the end of the track, the original, chilling television announcement of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination complete with the crowd reaction of devastated screams will almost move you to tears.

And of course the CD contains the one club song that every hip-hop album must contain.

“Twang” talks of events are an exchange that a male and female may have in a clu atmosphere.

The chorus tells it all:

What is it that you tryin’ to hide off in them pockets gurl?/Them jeans so tight you know ain’t nothin’ in them pockets gurl/The way you workin’ em, be hurtin em’ you oughta stop it gurl.You betta watch it gurl/You know I got you girl

Overall, this album accomplishes a variety of songs with different messages. However it is not clich̩ Рthe makings of a classic hip-hop album.

Grade: A