Rapper Escapes “Trap”

The ATL has another rising rapper who calls himself the “King of the South.”

Rapper T.I. recently released his sophomore album Trap Muzic and for his second major release, he’s takes his listeners inside the “Trap”.

From his first release, I’m Serious, T.I. continues to back his streetwise credibility with straightforward lyrics about his life growing up in the trap (a place where drugs are sold). The beginning of the album has several introductory tracks where the rapper describes his ambition and his gratefulness to be in the place he is now.

T.I also includes some of the street thumping tracks that he’s known for. If you like his single “24’s” then you’ll defiantly enjoy listening to the tracks that follow.

Towards the end of the c.d. T.I.decides to take a minute to reach out to his admires with a message. “Be Better Than Me” that warns people that his life should not be made a standard for theirs and to be themselves.

Shawty dem streets ain’t the place to be/ I’m telling you because it’s too late for me/ so, be better than me.

Ultimately, Trap Muzic is worth having for your collection. There are times you may get tired of hearing the raw and raunchy rhymes of the “hard life.” But T.I.’s skills are undeniable.

Grade: B