Notion of a Saddam-free Iraq lacks merit

“Life after Saddam,” is a headline seen on CNN last week. However the government and some news organizations have forgotten that Saddam Hussein isn’t “after,” he is now.

Has it been confirmed the former president of Iraq is dead? No. Have his whereabouts been confirmed? No. Is it certain his followers will not continue to kill and attempt to do harm to Americans? No.

Hussein is a force who has been in power longer than I have existed. Iraqis are used to his tactics and leadership. They aren’t going to allow foreigners to take him away.

Whether or not Hussein is physically present in Iraq, his training, his teaching and his legacy is still there. Nonetheless, it is yet to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Husseins have left Iraq.

Awfully grotesque pictures of men believed to be Hussein’s sons were shown on various news stations. It took a few days for officials to come to the questionable conclusion that these bodies were the sons of Hussein.

I can understand why it took them so long to come up with the conclusion. Being that their father is the master of creating body doubles; it is highly likely that Uday and Quasay Hussein have body doubles as well.

Body doubles of Hussein are suspected to be in existence in Iraq. Yet some still believe he is dead. Now, why would a dead man need a body double? On the same note, a little while back a VHS and cassette tape were played on Al-Jazeera television. On these tapes, allegedly, was Saddam Hussein. Why would a dead man send tapes to the biggest news agency in Iraq and the U.S. government? Or did a dead man send his body doubles to make the tapes?

Once again, this country has foolishly jumped on the bandwagon to believe something that hasn’t been proven to be true. Just because Hussein can’t be found, doesn’t mean he is dead. That reminds me, there is this other guy the United States government can’t find. Ahhh, what’s his name … Bin Laden.

Maybe one day, the half of the country that’s brainwashed will learn to speak for themselves. Until that day comes, if there are any believers in Hussein’s continued existence and the probability of his relaxing in downtown Manhattan, raise your hand. If you simply believe he is still alive, stomp your feet.

Maybe then President Bush will listen to the half of the nation that believes American soldiers should be pulled out of Iraq, because Saddam Hussein is still, whether you believe it or not, a very powerful ruler of a nation, a powerful ruler who is still alive.

Robyn K. Mizelle, 20, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Lake City, Fl. She is the Deputy Opinions Editor of The Famuan. She can be reached at