Editor’s welcome

It was during my first visit to Florida A&M University that I picked up a copy of The Famuan. I immediately began critiquing the writing style, grammar and layout. I told my parents I would be editor of the paper after two years at FAMU. They didn’t pay much attention to my extreme confidence. After all, I was only a 17-year-old high school senior who was a feature editor for my school’s monthly newspaper.

Two years later I called my parents to tell them that my prediction had come to pass.

Welcome to the first issue of The Famuan, the most frequently published black college newspaper. I am Elizabeth Broadway, editor in chief of our award-winning newspaper for fall 2003.

Over the summer and especially in the last few weeks, the staff here at The Famuan has been working hard to produce this issue and plan for issues to come.

While many students barbecued and relaxed over Labor Day weekend, we wrote and edited stories, designed pages, took photographs, and hosted our fourth annual boot camp to train staff members.

Now we begin work as your primary news source. As you may know, our university has had a busy summer. Our football program was approved to move to Division I-A, numerous faculty positions were filled, dormitories were closed for renovation, and construction progressed. In these first issues, The Famuan will bring you up to date on news you may have missed in your absence from the university.

Enjoy this edition and continue reading The Famuan, the voice of Florida A&M University. We look forward to a semester of enlightenment, advancement and success.

Elizabeth Broadway, 20, is a junior newspaper journalism student from Atlanta. She is editor in chief of The Famuan and can be reached at thefamuaneditor@hotmail.com.