Student shootings

Another student shooting occurred last week. This time it was at a New Orleans high school.

When will it end?

Four young men burst into a gymnasium and sprayed bullets into the crowd Monday. Their target 15-year-old Jonathan Williams. The attackers came armed with an AK-47 rifle and at least one other handgun.

Even though there are metal detectors on all doors, these students still entered. That means there’s a major gap in the security system, because there’s no other reason to justify how they got in.

In addition to the metal detectors, the school also has four security guards patrolling the campus.

Police said the assailants may have used a rear alley entrance. If the school knows aggression is prevalent – apparent by the detectors, guards and electrical fences – they should have made sure the grounds were secure. There must not be any loopholes.

Not only did the killers sneak a weapon into the building, Williams also had a .45-caliber handgun. So he, too snuck past security.

The high school shooting spree began back in 1999 when two teenagers went on a rampage in Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., killing 12 students and one teacher before taking their own lives.

Since then, there have been numerous shootings at schools across the country.

None of this would even happen if gun laws were more restricting and parents actually were careful with weapons in the house. Not to mention the media’s exploitation of aggression and the positive light sometime shined on violence.

More often than not, the person that is being hunted is not the only person injured. Innocent bystanders also get hurt, creating even more heartache and disaster.

How many more children must die by the hand of other children? What will it take for the powers that be to realize the major problem the U.S. has? They must be waiting for it to hit closer to home.

Then maybe some action will finally occur.

Dominique Drake for The Famuan.