Squad seeks to promote school spirit

The FAMU Elite, a year-round co-ed squad that will support all the athletic teams next year, is ready to get its voice heard by whomever is willing listen.

“We want to try to assist athletics,” said Abigail Mobley founder and mentor of the FAMU Elite. “We want to increase school spirit.”

According to Mobley, FAMU Elite plans to be supportive of all athletic teams from football to softball and even swimming.

Golf, track, tennis and baseball are some other sports that tends receive much support, but the Elite squad plans to change this.

“We have bat girls for the baseball team and bat boys for the softball team,” Mobley said. “For the other teams we will do whatever the particular team needs, whether it be taking points or timing.”

Not only is the team prepared to do whatever they need to support all of the teams, they also plan to develop a competition cheer/dance squad to participate in NCCA competitions.

“Right now we are starting from scratch just trying to build our foundation,” said 21-year-old dance squad captain Maya Lewis.

“NCAA is definitely our long term goal as a team.”

The squad began coming together early this year when they performed during halftime at basketball games.

FAMU Elite consists of a cheer squad and dance squad. There are 10 women and six to eight men on the cheer squad and 16 women on the dance squad.

Mobley said the squad has to be “on point.”

“The body is your instrument and it needs to be in excellent condition for cheering, working out will do it,” she said.

The squad have already started training and will be practicing in the summer for the up-coming football season.

Members of the squad insist they do more than just cheer and dance.

They are also committed to doing community service and have already started a mentoring program on the south side of Tallahassee.

As part of the program, FAMU’s athletes make motivational speeches to students and hand out team posters.

Anyone interested in the FAMU Elite can test their talents in the tryouts during summer session B.

“FAMU Elite is definitely a home away from home,” Lewis said.

“They are supportive and give off a genuine family atmosphere.”

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