Make good impressions

Too many students don’t apply for something because they don’t think they are qualified. Now is the time to break away from that mentality because anyone can do anything.

Regardless of what college you go to-Harvard, FAMU, or Tallahassee Community College-you have received a quality education. As a result of your efforts, you deserve a top-notch job. The only way to obtain that is to market yourself to the best of your ability.

When applying for a job, employers have one main source of getting information about you and that’s through your application. If you give them shoddy material, you certainly shouldn’t expect great responses.

JP Morgan Chase is hosting a summer enrichment program for African-American students from colleges all over the country. Students accepted come from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, in addition to Florida A&M, Morehouse, and Howard.

Why? Because the students at the HBCUs believed they were just as qualified as those at Ivy League institutions. They didn’t let the hegemonic ideas control their success.

In fact, the degree of competition should never deter you from applying for a position you truly desire. No one has the right to say the other applicants are more qualified than you.

As graduation approaches for the class of 2004, it is important they start looking at their resume and other application packages.

Do not wait until the fall because then you’re asking for nothing but stress.

Also, by beginning early, you will be able to show your application to advisers so they can critique it and make sure it’s your best effort.

Your application is your key to the work world. Take care of it and make sure your heart goes into it.

Otherwise, your heart may go into the trash along with your application after employers see how poor the quality of it is.

Dominique Drake, 18, is a freshman business student from Cleveland. She is The Famuan’s Deputy Opinions Editor. She can be reached at