Family must treat each other royally

I feel like I’ve said so much in my years at The Famuan.

I’ve always tried to reiterate the values that we should exhibit. This column is no different.

I want to tell my black brothers showing love makes you more of a man, not less of one.

Treat our sisters like queens and in return they will never forget the kings they love.

Some sisters don’t remember they are queens, and the village must remind them of what they have forgotten.

My sisters must remember that the fight against sexism and chauvinism is a daily one. We might not win the war, but we must continue to wage in battle.

Also, to my sisters, I share the words of the great Marcus Garvey to “remove the kinks from your brain, not from your hair.”

We fight to justify why we process, color and consequently fry our hair.

We fight to buy clothing from designers who don’t have us in mind when they create them.

But we fight the values that come to us naturally.

In our hearts we know that we’re not limited to February to learn and teach our history, but every year we fall into the same unnatural pattern.

We know our bodies are our temples, but still we engrave them with Tweety Birds, brand them like cattle and share our bodies without discretion.

Family, if we want to raise our children to be someone, we have to be someone for our children.

We must acknowledge that the only way to live is to better ourselves.

Finally, the revolution is not an easy journey. But it will be an endless one if all we do is endless talking.

We can’t sit around and wait for a leader.

After my son was born, I dedicated every column to him calling them “Words for Solomon.”

I didn’t know what to call it after my daughter was born – but in my heart I was doing it for them.

Now, to make up for lost time, I dedicate this column to my prince Solomon and my princess Sarai.

Hopefully one day they will understand these final words of wisdom.

Danielle Wright, 24, is a senior theatre student from London, England. She is The Famuan’s Editor in Chief. She can be reached at