America must accept change

A new day is upon us.

Bloodshed, war and pain in the world are nothing but the necessary agonies of birth.

Because of this, people are starting to wake up to realities once thought too painful to face. It’s hard to stay asleep during times like these.

Nothing is fulfilling anymore. That’s why the truth tastes good on this belly full of lies we’re fed daily.

The path of materialism is showing itself to be empty to those who pursue it. You see it on VH1’s “Behind the Music” all the time.

Too many of us are after empty pursuits. We will all come to this reckoning.

But at what price?

If you stay calm within the madness, these turbulent times can make you see what’s really important.

There’s nothing like death to make you appreciate life.

Three of my friends died this year – most recently, Rasaan Brooks. These events bring about a sobering contemplation of life and death.

It’s funny how humanity is oppressed by the fear of death. The world fears death because it’s attached to the temporary pleasures of earthly life.

Since these pleasures leave you empty anyway, the goal of our life is to learn to live without them. Worldly powers will crumble when the masses realize these pleasures are a means of control.

This realization is creeping to the surface daily. The binge of capitalism and the American way is leading to a mean hangover.

As we enter this new era, opportunities for growth will be disguised as disasters.

What looks like an economic depression is just a chance to let go of materialism.

War is just God harvesting lives, something he does daily anyway.

Oppression is simply an opportunity for the oppressed to develop courage enough to overcome the terror of their oppressor.

All of these things are lessons to make you stronger within.

We were given a guide through the madness. Some people call it a conscience, some people call it your soul.

Whoever listens to it will be led to a fulfilling life. Those who ignore it are the ones who have the deepest pain, in spite of what the surface looks like.

This is because it is the soul that has the final say on judgment day, which is every day.

Theo Wilson, 21, is a senior theater student from Denver. He can be reached at