New VP for Student Affairs sets objectives

In his speech to faculty on Feb. 25, President Fred Gainous announced he had hired two women to fill the vice president positions of research and student affairs.

It has been three weeks since Patricia Green-Powell, the newly appointed vice president for student affairs began the task of improving the overall physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of students at FAMU.

Before coming to FAMU, Green-Powell, 50, was the vice president of student affairs at Bainbridge College since 1998.

The Quincy native graduated from FAMU in 1973 with a degree in speech pathology and audiology and worked as director of student services at FAMU’s School of Business and Industry from 1994 to 1996.

“It’s always good to come home to a place that gave me such a good start,” Green-Powell said. “It’s just a good feeling to give back to an institution that gave me so much.”

Green- Powell is a student advocate and said she aims to help students graduate.

Since her appointment, Green-Powell has developed a mission statement for her department. She stresses the importance of maintaining community involvement, diversity, environment, student learning, traditions and wellness.

“I am really concerned about the students,” she said. “I really want effective and efficient customer service for our students.”

Green-Powell said student affairs is a support system and she is actively seeking to make a difference at FAMU and turn things around.

She is currently in the process of a well-researched search in trying to locate the right fit to fill the positions of director of student financial service and director of student activities.

“A school system without supportive parents is like a bucket with a hole,” Green-Powell said. Green-Powell is hoping to fill the “hole” by May 1.

“I am very pleased with the job Dr. Green-Powell has done,” President Fred Gainous said. “She’s a quick study and has done a tremendous job of assessing the needs of the students.”

Gainous is not the only one excited about Green-Powell’s work.

She’s very professional. She is dependable, dedicated and determined to preserve a legacy here at FAMU,” said Ron L. Malone, an employee in the office of student affairs.

“When the student’s come in with a concern and a displeased demeanor, after speaking with her they come out with a resolution” said Malone, 25, a graduate student from Atlanta.

“She’s a nice person to be around. She’s a great person to work.”

Her older sister agrees.

“She works hard and she works you hard,” said older sister Carolyn Irvine, a 25-year employee and English professor at FAMU. “She was always available to help out when we needed to get things done.”

“I know she has a genuine concern for the welfare of the students.”

Green-Powell said she is extremely happy about being at FAMU. She saw this opportunity as “coming home” and hopes to encourage a sense of campus community and connection by cultivating an educational experience that serves as a lifelong souvenir.

“You have to have a passion for education,” Green-Powell said. “Education changes your life.”

After several weeks of investigation, the FAMU police department has yet to apprehend the suspects responsible for six computers stolen out of Jones Hall.

“The case is open because the matter is still under investigation,” said Calvin Ross, Chief of Police for FAMU police department.

“It’s unfortunate that something like this had to happen,” said David Washington, professor of biology.

“Our main concern now is to make sure that we implement preventive measures to ensure that incidents like this don’t happen again.”

Occurrences such as this have left students and faculty to question whether or not university facilities are as safe as they appear to be.

“I see police officers frequently around campus, but not as much when we have events like Homecoming,” said Ashley Rowden, 19, a sophomore architecture student from Atlanta.

“We’ve added officers on bike patrol working different shifts to increase their visibility, especially on the set,” Ross said.

According to Ross, the police