FAMU responsible for itself, not all HBCUs

Sometimes it’s important to look out for numero uno. When it comes to FAMU supporting other historically black colleges and universities in trouble, we have to stick to a survival of the fittest attitude.

It is completely understandable if FAMU feels the need to assist other HBCUs when they are in trouble. However, it doesn’t make sense to attempt to dig another school out of the hole when FAMU has its own financial issues.

With a $6 million budget cut for the next school year and money perpetually “unaccounted” for, FAMU cannot help anyone.

Even if we ever do get our financial situations in order, there’s no guarantee we can assist other schools and maintain stability.

Personally, I’m not up for doing the FAMU version of the “Morris Brown Shuffle” all because FAMU was too busy being concerned about someone else’s problems.

If you aren’t familiar with the “Morris Brown Shuffle,” it’s rushing to graduate before your school loses its accreditation. It’s not a pretty sight.

Sure, as historically black colleges there is an innate desire to aid our sister schools when they are in trouble, but we have to realize that our primary focus is to help out the black community and world through education.

Let’s face it-no one is aided if we are forced to close down because we were so focused on taking care of someone else’s problems.

Besides, the list keeps getting longer and longer of HBCUs in trouble. Every other month there is a financial scandal, followed by the threat of accreditation loss and finally a plea for other HBCUs to help them through their “troubled times.”

Well, if HBCUs would tend to their farms before Uncle John’s, they may have the chance to spot their own problems before they fall into the same traps as the schools in danger.

We should definitely offer support, but if FAMU sticks its neck out financially to help failing HBCUs, we’ll just get our head cut off.

Jason E. Hutchins, 18, is a freshman business student from Athens, Ga. He is a page designer for The Famuan. He can be reached at je_hutchins@hotmail.com.