Video game exhibition, tour attracts students

The Rattlers Den had a recent makeover as it was transformed into a Playstation 2 fan’s heaven.

Game Live Events, a video and computer game software marketing company, hosts tours to various colleges and universities to promote new and unreleased video and computer games.

The company visited campus for a full-day exhibition of the latest video games on Monday.

The tour began April 4 at Temple University and is scheduled to end April 29 at California State University.

Def Jam Vendetta, an urban version of the World Wrestling Federation featuring DMX and Ludacris, was one of the games provided for students to try out. Another was NBA Street Volume Two, a graphically intense action packed basketball game.

The games were played on large 27-inch screen portable systems like PS2 and X-Box.

Justin Siegel, the booking agent for Game Live Events, said he was very excited to see that FAMU students came out.

“We have gotten great responses so far,” Siegel said.

“The students love the games. They played for hours without even getting up.”

Garrett Fletcher, 19, a freshman general studies student from Belle Glade,Fla., said he enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the event.

“It’s fun to see us [the students] coming out to play these game,” Fletcher said.

“Some of the best players on campus were here testing out new games and challenging the rest of us.”

Although male players dominated the day’s event, a few women showed up to show off their skills, and to breakdown stereotypes that girls don’t enjoy video games.

Chandronette Mobley, 22, a senior psychology student from Jacksonville said she finds the video games fun and interesting. Mobley said playing is not hard; it just take patience and a desire to learn.

“All you have to do is sit down and follow the directions, after that you just get into the game,” Mobley said.

Not only did the exhibition give students a chance to preview the newest in video game technology but it also gave the student body the opportunity to show Game Live Events what the Rattlers are all about.

“The hospitality at FAMU was second to none,” Siegel said.

“I have to commend the university on its kindness and generosity. It’s the best we’ve received yet.”

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