Extreme limits

The United States has gotten out of control. It is going to extreme limits to raise money to compensate for the economy’s devastation.

New York recently passed a ban on cell phones in any indoor theater, library, museum, or concert hall.

If anyone is caught violating this law, he or she will be fined $50.

This can’t be real.

Legislators actually want to charge someone if their telephone goes off. There’s no way in the world this ban can be strictly enforced.

What are they going to do- have guards patrolling the grounds listening for a ring tone?

Obviously the nation is too good for that. It would rather collect exorbitant amounts of money for foolishness rather than have any humanitarian feelings.

At least 18 deficit-ridden states are so desperate they are either raising sales taxes or extending them to goods that have previously been untaxed.

In Kansas, there’s a plan to tax the sale of prosthetic devices like walkers and wheelchairs. In Connecticut, legislators enforced a 6 percent sales tax on health club owners and newspapers and magazine sales.

In Ohio, the governor is proposing a 5 percent sales tax on dry cleaning and tattoos.

There are certain lines the government should not cross.

Tattoos are a form of expression that should not be taxed. People don’t get taxed for other forms of expression like polishing their nails. Plus, it would be terrible to be the one telling Grandma she can’t get her wheelchair because she can’t afford it after the extra tax.

If the government needs money that badly it should stop squandering money.

Instead of spending billions on war, improve Medicaid. Instead of wasting money on stupid reality shows, give money to the homeless.

Instead of executing a myriad of studies on useless topics, use the money to keep faltering colleges open.

Do something.

Dominique Drake for The Famuan.