Dynamite explodes into hip-hop arena

The best CD not in your collection has a rapper shouting: “I’m Ms. Dy-na-mi-tee/ Everybody lose control/Let my vibe touch your soul.”

Ms. Dynamite is a soulful blend of Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and Lady Saw. Her debut album, “A Little Deeper,” provides a powerful, unrivaled sound.

The new rapper/singer, who honed her style in the British garage scene, manages to channel all of the forces she resembles.

The track “Anyway U Want It” featuring Keon Bryce, is similar to Hill’s vocal and lyrical style. On the tracks “All I Ever,” “Sick ‘n’ Tired” and “Now U Want My Love,” Dynamite’s sound is reminiscent of Ms.Blige.

Songs like “Danger” and “Ramp” both offer a hint of Lady Saw’s fast-paced rap artillery.

At times, it seems Dynamite may be having an identity crisis, but then she goes on a one-woman quest to squash lyrical negativity.

On her first single, “It Takes More,” Dynamite calls out rappers for the usage of their power to promote negativity. She points fingers when she raps: “And we can all chat ’bout gats and blacks on blacks/ Enforce the hypes and all the stereotypes.”

“Put Him Out” has her demanding female empowerment over dishonest men who spread lies, disease and pain.

Dynamite brings out a surprisingly, emotionally driven prayer on the acappella track “Watch Over Them.” The song calls for an end to the influence of the streets on young people.

She doesn’t let her heavy lyrical content fade behind soft music. The hard bass lines, electronic elements of the British garage scene, innovative instrumentation and reggae influences flow through the album, giving it a sound Dynamite can call all her own.

The positive nature of this release, the undeniable talent of Dynamite and the remarkable production from Salaam “The Chameleon” Remi make this album a more than acceptable offering to bring new life into an increasingly homogenized hip-hop arena.

The only true crime from this release is Dynamite’s unique rap ability, that defined her in Britain, is highly underrepresented on “A Little Deeper.”

Jason E. Hutchins can be reached at Je_hutchins@hotmail.com.