‘Proactive’ planning

Students will be able to take a “proactive” role in gaining skills in leadership and activities planning.

Ryan Morand, chair of the Senate’s student relations committee, realized there was a problem with finding consistent volunteers for SGA events.

“A volunteer approached me with the idea that we should have a roster of volunteers we could always refer to,” said the sophomore business administration student from Tampa.

Morand sought out Brandis Banks and Erjaam Hayes in order to make this concern stem into Proactive, an SGA student senate volunteer organization aimed toward helping incoming students take part in campus involvement without making it time consuming.

“Ryan approached us with the idea and figured we would be able to help him out,” said Banks, interim vice president of Proactive.

Banks, 19, a sophomore business administration student from Atlanta, said the program would make a “positive” impact on new students.

“It will give them a chance to volunteer without getting confused about what organization to join,” Banks said.

“The purpose of Proactive is to provide a venue for students to volunteer their skills in helping with different activities,” Morand said.

Morand, who organized the data auction in the Coleman Library showcase, said the event would not have been successful without the help of the volunteers.

Proactive’s first venture is to host “Rap it Up,” a freestyle contest and safe sex campaign once a month, which will kick off with the Total Orientation Program for Students this summer.

“The purpose is to educated incoming freshmen on the importance of safe sex their first time away from home, while entertaining them with a freestyle contest,” Morand said.

“I think students will be more receptive once the organization begins,” said Hayes, another interim vice president for Proactive.

“Students will know more about the organization once they see other people involved and volunteering, ” Hayes said.

Proactive hopes to attract students by letting them know how important it is to participate in some type of activity.

“Our motto is “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” Morand said. “We want to let students know that you can actually have enjoyable responsibilities. There are no club fees, and anyone can join.”

Banks said it would also give students an opportunity to find out what SGA does and how it runs.

“Freshmen may want to get involved with SGA, but are kind of intimidated at first,” Banks said. “This will open the doors for them in case they want to become a part of student government.”

Aricka M. Foreman can be reached at aricka_foreman@hotmail.com