Orange, Green Girls exude school spirit

If you posses school spirit and love Rattler football, then the Orange & Green Girls want you.

The spirit team is looking for ladies who are dedicated, enthusiastic and outgoing Rattler football fans to serve as the official hostesses for the football team.

The girls will provide recruits, their families and guest with campus and athletic facilities tour, as well as tours around the city.

The girls will also accompany recruits to lunch, dinner, meetings and banquets.

“We are looking for girls who know how to present themselves,” said Karen Colston, program coordinatior.

The girls are required to work closely with athletic administrators and coaching staff, attend all home games, the Orlando Classic, football camps and coaching clinics.

The organization strives to maintain the utmost integrity of the football department and are looking for young ladies who can represent the team and the university as a whole.

“I’m used to being involved in activities related to football,” said Charity Willis, a prospective spirit team hopeful.

“To come to college to give spirit by not being a cheerleader or a band member but just being able to show school pride, is great,” said Willis, a freshman pharmacy student from Valdosta, Ga.

“There is no particular type we are looking for,” Colston said.

“We are looking for ladies who will sell the program. “We are not promoting hook-ups for recruits and we are not a dating service.”

Crystal Wells, a first year pharmacy student from Montgomery, Ala., is excited about the prospect of being a part of the team.

“Being an out of state student, I can be a spokesperson on telling the recruits of how much of a good time I’ve had my freshman year,” Wells said.

“I have an outgoing personality and if it is meant to be it will be.”

For those who may assume The Orange and Green Girls are nothing more than tour guides, think again.

The program coordinators said they do more than take the recruits around. The ladies are required to attend weekly meetings, and crash football courses.

Team members should look forward to being able to help promote the great things the school and the football department is doing.

The Orange and Green Girls will also be required to report to the coaches and the football administrative staff on the recruits’ behavior and whether they had concerns about the school, staff or team.

According to James Joe, an assistant football coach, the girls will make the recruiting process a smoother transition,

“It is not gong to be easy,” said Joe, about the recruiting process.

“You are dealing with ball players with egos and we need to break the ice.”

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