Torica: ‘I’m in it for longevity’

Young, talented and successful, Torica Cornelius is rising to the top. The Columbia, S.C. native is known for singing the catchy hook on Field Mobb’s hit song “Sick of Being Lonely.” After her celebrity guest appearance at Images Modeling Troupe’s “Revolt Into Fashion” showcase, The Famuan sat down with the songbird to briefly discuss her rise to stardom.

Samantha Romany: What brought you to FAMU?Torica: Florida is cool. I love the weather and Florida also has a strong market. My manager, Miguel Rodriguez, and Amy J. Solstice Entertainment have contacts with Florida and received word that Images was doing a showcase that needed a performer.

Samantha: How did you get introduced to Field Mobb?Torica: Well, my manager, Miguel Rodriguez, introduced me to Jazzy Pha the record producer and a couple of weeks later they called me into the studio to do a listen. I felt the track as soon as I heard it and in about a half an hour later, we started recording.

Samantha: What separates you from other artists?Torica: What separates me is my attitude. A great attitude can open many doors. I want people to feel my music not just hear it.

Samantha: If I were to look in your CD player, what CD would I find? What other artists do you listen to?Torica: Floetry. I also listen to Anita Baker, Nas, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Sade. Sade is my favorite artist.

Samantha: How do you want your music to impact your fans?Torica: I want my music to be inspirational; I’m in it for longevity.

Samantha: Do you have plans to release an album, if so when can we expect to see your first album drop?Torica: Yes, it will be released sometime mid-fall or mid-winter.

Samantha: What’s the title of the album?Torica: I’m not sure yet, I’ve been looking at ‘Love is Nowhere.’

Samantha: What would you like to leave with FAMU students?Torica: Thank you FAMU for having me, I appreciate the love. Don’t for get to look out for my album as well as the remix of ‘Sick of being lonely’ with Nivea.

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