Homosexual adoptions create confusion for children

Adoption by a gay or lesbian couple should not be allowed.

It creates an unstable household and future problems for children, which is one of the main reasons it is illegal in states such as Florida, Mississippi, and Utah right now.

At best, I could possibly accept the adoption by a female homosexual couple on a case-by-case basis, but certainly not a male homosexual couple. And I say this based on personal experience.

I know children are very impressionable. Their surroundings and what they see and hear heavily influence them.

If they are subjected to such an environment, their future could only be problematic.

I’ve heard the arguments that a male couple could offer the same love and affection as a female couple could but it’s just not the same.

The only thing it would offer is more confusion because the child would be experiencing confusion of the role of sexes in society.

I agree with and acknowledge there is a problem with finding parents to adopt children in America.

As a result, some people argue that if the parents are willing and qualified to adopt a child then it should be allowed.

Even with that statement, a gay couple would not fit the description because they are not qualified to adopt a child under a myriad of standards.

Supporters of homosexual adoption say, “Do what’s best for the child.”

But how can a household without a mother, or one with two gay men be best for the child?

I understand many children simply wish to be adopted, but a homosexual couple isn’t stable and thus not good for the child- even if being adopted is what the child needs and wants.

As confusing as America’s society is, it’s hard enough to just be “normal.”

But when you add gay parents on top of those issues, there is a clear recipe for problems.

I know every rule has its exceptions and there are some gay parents that may be good, but those are the exception.

There are still many out there that if gay adoption becomes legal will create a larger and more negative effect.

Yusuf Ali, 18, is a freshman business student from Boston. He can be reached at bmgsw013@aol.com.