Qdoba barely makes grade

Qdoba’s Mexican Grill is nothing more than a beefed up Taco Bell.

Located on Tennessee Street between Skyline and Schlozsky’s Deli, this Mexican restaurant does not require reservations.

Upon entering the eatery, customers might get the feeling that they’re back in a high school cafeteria. They must stand in line to tell the servers what they want to eat.

Once the order is made, the food is passed through several hands before it comes to the customer. After obtaining their food, which is placed on a picnic plate with colorful garnishes like zucchini, bell peppers and scallions, patrons are left with the task of searching for a seat, while trying to keep their food and drink from spilling on the floor.

The menu includes Qdoba’s signature burritos, Poblano Pesto, Chicken Mole’, grilled vegetables and Fajita Ranchero. Prices range from $4 – $10. The menu also feature tacos with choices of chicken or steak, along with specialty soups and salads.

The grilled chicken quesadilla entree consists of four quesadillas with sour cream and salsa smothered with monster loads of cheese and mounds of onions. Where’s the chicken? There was none. The $6.00 entrée is not worth it. I found the food at Qdoba’s to be over-priced and not quite tasty.

The treat, however, is that the restaurant’s Mexican ambience is so lovely that one may forget they just spent $6 for three tacos. The customer service was excellent. The manager greets customers while they dine to make sure that their visit will not be their last and the employees try to make the customer’s visit a pleasant one.

With the exception of the great customer service, the experience at Qdoba’s Mexican Grill was nothing to write home about.

A drive to Taco Bell for a chicken chalupa would have been better.

Aisha Hackett can be reached at phillyrattler@cs.com.