Be Out Day 2003

On Saturday students, performers, vendors and community members were welcomed at the intramural field by the bright sunshine, but the fun of Be Out Day was quickly dimmed as the sky opened up and the rain began to pour on the activities and attendants.

“The program did start at noon,” said Renita Bryant, president of Hip-Hop Soul Marketing. “The gospel band was playing and as it began to rain, the vocalist kept singing, but when it began to pour we had to rush everything inside, everyone took shelter”, said Bryant, the coordinator and promoter of the Be Out Day performances.

Despite the bad weather the show did go on. Around 4 p.m., the rain stopped and the performances were back on, although the initial performers that included modeling and dance troupes did not take the stage. Instead, local artists got a chance to display their talents throughout the duration of the event.

“We didn’t want any liabilities,” Bryant said. “We decided we didn’t want any of our performers to perform. A lot of the artists and dance troupes checked in but we told them we wouldn’t allow their performance because of the rain.”

According to Bryant the HHS staff are making plans to make up for the performances that did not occur due to the rain.

“We made a promise to the people who came, the bands and organizations,” Bryant said. “We want to give them the opportunity to perform. So we are going to try to make up for Be Out Day.”

Although, the rain dampened the performances, the free food, activities and giveaways were still available to the crowd.

“People still came out when the rain cleared up and enjoyed the games and food,” said Saasha Wheeler, the student chair of Be Out Day. “The clash of the classes and the entertainment were dampened but giveaways and all the free things were still taken care of.”

The rain wasn’t the only thing that spoiled the 10th annual celebration. On Friday the concert featuring Memphis Bleek, Lil’ Wayne and Mr. Cheeks never happened.

According to a Be Out Day organizer, the concert, which was to begin at 8 p.m. in the Jake Gaither Gymnasium, was cancelled due to some possible issues with insurance for the concert.

According to the organizer, promoters need to have insurance to hold a rap concert in the state of Florida, and because of the difficulties of getting the insurance the promoter went to Georgia.

However, FAMU did not approve the insurance and the concert was cancelled. It has yet to be decided how the refund process will work for those students who paid to attend.

Despite the rain and lack of entertainment the event did draw some first time attendees. Jermaine Colson, a second year film student at Tallahassee Community College, and Kimberly McDonald, a second year business management student who also attends TCC, enjoyed their first time at the annual event.

“I liked it,” Colson said. “I was enjoying myself since I got out there. I am enjoying what I have seen so far.”

McDonald agreed that her first time at the event was enjoyable because she was able to mingle with old friends and make new one’s.

“It’s a chance to be out and see some people you know,” McDonald said.

For SGA President Andre Hammel, who was celebrating his last Be Out Day, the event was very progressive.

“This was my last Be Out Day, so overall it was good for me,” Hammel said. “It was a wonderful event and we touched a lot of different people. There was a very diverse crowd.”

Hammel was satisfied with the overall results of Be Out Day and glad that the community was fed and entertained.

“Despite the rain it [Be Out Day] helped build the overall morale of the community, we fed and entertained several thousand people …overall it was a great event.”