Virginity loss comes once

Having sex one time or many times and stopping doesn’t classify you or anyone as a reborn virgin. A virgin is someone that has not had sexual intercourse be it oral, anal or otherwise.

You can’t be reborn because second virginity doesn’t exist. claims to recreate virgins and all experiences associated with first having sex. However, this is insane. Even if it is possible, you can never become a virgin again.

It won’t happen physically and emotionally you will never be or feel the same.

It’s like the story of Humpty Dumpty- he took the fall that placed him beyond repair. He was broken and couldn’t be put back together.

Once sex happens, you cannot be put back together, which is why there is no second virginity, physically. You can renew yourself spiritually, but physically you will never get your hymen back.

Premarital sex permanently tarnishes you. No soap and water can ever remove this. So if you keep having sex with different partners, you inevitably bring who you had sex with before into your marriage.

For once I agree with President Bush.

His anti-condom crusade actually makes sense because he wants to persuade and convince young people to remain virgins and abstain until marriage.

Sex, is or at least should be something sacred between grownups that know what true love is.

Don’t damage yourself and try to become something that doesn’t exist, a reborn virgin. Don’t fall into the hype that second virginity is real, because it’s like Bush’s reasons for going to war non existent.

Stay a virgin, at least until marriage.

No one is asking you to become like the Virgin Mary. But at least save this gift, which is what it is, for the one who will truly love you, for who you are and not love you for what is between your legs.

Robyn Mizelle, 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Lake City. She is the Assistant Opinions Editor for The Famuan. She can be reached at