M’Perfect Entertainment nears perfection

M’Perfect Entertainment consists of three ambitious, dedicated and focused young black men.

As the wind blew in from Chicago, so did Dave J. Roberson (Dave Ro), Walter M. Williams (Walt) and Marcellus L. Womack (SupaCell), the founders and co-owners of MPerfect Entertainment.

Previously known as 3 King Entertainment, M’Perfect was established in August 2002 and is an independent business committed to supplying their customers with high-quality music.

The three senior business administration students initially met in high school, and as time progressed so did their professional relationship.

Besides being founders and co-owners, Roberson and Womack are also the solo artists of M’ Perfect Entertainment. They have been rapping for over 10 years.

“We avoid corruption; communication is the key,” Williams said.”Most of the time when people step into the entertainment industry it’s all about the money. I’m not going to lie; we do want the money but its second nature to us. Our spiritually tight bond comes first.”

When asked about the company’s distinct style and unique name, they describe it as a movement.

“Creativity and utilizing our skills and services are very important when it comes to owning our own business,” Williams said. There are railways of opportunities to bring in new ideas and call your own shots. It feels good to be solely responsible for the success of our lives.”

The partners said knowing each other makes the company’s business flow even smoother. Roberson especially appreciates Williams’ influence in the group.

“Walt brings the realness to the table. I tend to be optimistic, but he’ll bring me right back to earth,” Roberson said.

According to Womack, “Dave’s optimism encourages our creativity. His strategic orientations create opportunities from a business standpoint.”

“I’m a street type of guy, with a hustler’s mentality. SupaCell brings a relentless ability to not accept “no” for an answer,” Walt said.

The trio’s inspiration comes from artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim and LL Cool J. Both Roberson and Womack plan to convey positive, conscious music to their listeners. Their styles range from east coast, west coast and the south.

Past performances include: SupaCell’s solo debut at Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in August 2002, Hot Chocolate Soul Showcase in Hartford, Conn., from January through June 2002, as well as FAMU’s 2002 Homecoming concert. They also had radio spins on 90.5 Tallahassee, 92.3 Chicago, 93 Hartford, Conn.

Previous singles like “Next Best Thing” made major movements on radio waves throughout Tallahassee. The single can also be found on M’Perfect’s first CD “Street Heat”.

Their next CD, “The Heat”, is scheduled to drop March 31. The first single will be Dave Ro’s “Move”, featuring SupaCell, followed by Roberson’s solo album entitled “The Honorable” and Womack’s “Mind, Heart and Battle”.

Within the next five years M’Perfect Entertainment plans on being a national distribution company known as a prominent record label with untouchable artists.

“Appreciating the process of paying our dues means that we have to sell ourselves. We provide a service for the people and it feels good,” Roberson said.

Samantha Romany can be reached at samfamu@aol.com