Library preserves state, local culture

Books? Pointless wastes of space. Vintage photos? Who needs them.

These are the opinions of many Florida legislators who are trying to relocate the state library to Nova Southeastern University in Broward County.

Of course the books should be moved. The volumes of books, vintage photos, and maps only date back to the 1590s and can be found nowhere else in the world.

They only are located in the state capitol, a place citizens visit or call daily to look up family history.

Right now, the State Library, State Archives, and State Museum are all located next to each other.

As a result of moving the circulation, this convenience will disappear.

State leaders and other residents will not be able to conduct research on political issues happening in the capital.

They will be forced to call Broward County everyday for information that normally would be at their fingertips.

Not only is Gov. Jeb Bush attempting to eliminate the collection, he is also ridding the state of 55 jobs.

Jobs that have been held by people for many years. Jobs that have been held by people that need money to feed their families. Their lives aren’t important though; it’s about time they were fired.

The Florida Legislature has a host of other amendments and proposals on its plate such as reinstating ex-felons voting privileges, the bullet train, and the class-size reduction amendment.

Therefore, it should not be worried about moving books when there are issues of greater importance in place.

According to Bush’s office, the state will save more than $10 million with the transfer.

But that is near impossible considering it could take up to $5 million just to move the circulating collectiong and prepare Nova for its transition.

Even the Florida State Genealogical Society, an umbrella organization of more than 80 state societies, is against Bush’s budget plans.

Furthermore, the Broward County Commission passed a unanimous resolution in favor of keeping the collection in Tallahassee.

Perhaps Bush should listen to what his political cohorts are saying and leave things alone.

The library was built in 1845 with the 400,000 set of books never being intended for a public circulating library. Citizens must not allow another book to be signed out by the state government.

Dominique Drake for The Famuan.