Does Bush waste or spend “black blood?”

Theo Wilson,

I enjoyed your article, “Bush wastes black blood,” and I am also displeased that minorities and poor make up a disproportionate amount of the armed forces, but you are wrong on a few points:

1) Bush isn’t fighting for oil. It will no doubt cost much more than it’s worth, and we will end up losing money. (Think about it: Do you really think we could end up somehow “getting free oil” or discounts in greater quantity than the Billions it’s costing the US for war?! – and that doesn’t count the cost in lives.)

2) You say: “When blacks fight for America, we aid in the oppression of other people because America fights for nothing noble.” This is wrong! You just ask any of the oppressed people of Iraq if they enjoy being stepped on by Saddam Hussein – or maybe you think Iraq is a good place to live!

While we can’t fight all the noble battles in resisting oppression, some of them must be priorities, and, while Iraq is not attacking the US, they are nonetheless attacking their own citizens, destabilizing the Middle East by attacking their neighbors, and they DO aid terrorists, some of whom may come to America.

We thought we were “so smart” when we let Adolf Hitler gain power. “It was none of OUR business.” — or — “Hitler isn’t attacking THIS country … YET!”

Bush is protecting the world, which he got permission to do in the UN Resolution 1441, and from the US Congress. (And, it is “morally” right, as indicated by a 76% approval rating for the war by US Citizens.) So, what if a few people changed their minds afterwards, or the UN got sick on its stomach? Should we back out?

America – and many countries – are a strong Allied force, acting under the permission from the UN and God Almighty Himself – and they need to finish their job to protect our world freedoms. However, I do pray that they do not overstep their authority.

I am not defending GW Bush becasue I am a White Republican.

1) I am part Native American (Indian), and I am battling a discrimination incident in court in case number 2D02-4061.

2) My republican membership is NOT getting in the way of my “other” lawsui before the State’s Supreme Court (in case numbers SC03-385, 1D02-4272, and 1D02-5120) asking the state to give Janet Reno the recount that she was due by law, which even Al Gore got! (Do not be misled: Florida’s funny laws let me ask for my “rights” for a recount – even against Reno’s whimsical change of heart! Democrats!)

I hope my opinion was helpful.

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