America should fear Saddam’s retaliation

Saddam Hussein never should have been bothered. He shouldn’t have been given a timeline to leave Iraq, and shouldn’t have been forced to destroy weapons.

The madness upon us now, only started when our beloved President Bush was appointed to his office.

I realize that in a time of war we should stand behind our leader, but I can’t when the reason we’re in war has still yet to be proved to me.

Is it me, or was it not long ago President Saddam Hussein was limited to his home?

According to UN sanctions, Saddam wasn’t allowed to leave the country, but President Bush incorporates a deadline for the Iraqi leader to leave Iraq.

“Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours,” Bush said in the 13-minute “Moment of Truth” Presidential Address.

Of course Hussein didn’t comply with Bush’s actions. So, Bush enacted a war – “Operation Iraqi Freedom” – that he wanted to be a quick, strategic takeover; however, it’s madly unpredictable and is now saying the “War is far from over.”

Even if America succeeds in destroying the weapons Hussein allegedly has, it doesn’t mean he will be killed.

Remember bin Laden?

American fighter jets dropped bombs all over Afghanistan, yet he’s still alive and sending ludicrous tapes to the American government.

According to a CNN report, the reaction that came from a meeting between Hussein and the top leaders of the Revolutionary Command Council and the ruling Baath party described Bush’s ultimatum as reckless and denounced it.

They also said Bush couldn’t take over Iraq without having to fight for it because only Iraq could determine Iraq’s future.

Reports showed Hussein’s eldest son, Uday, saying Bush and his family should be the ones leaving office. He also said that anyone who attacked Iraq would certainly regret ever doing so because then the whole world would pay.

Hussein should’ve been left alone.

Everyone knew he wasn’t Mr. Congeniality years ago when he started his stint as a dictator. When “Operation Desert Storm” failed to disarm Hussein back in 1991, America misunderstood.

Hussein is a greater threat than bin Laden. Bin Laden said he was going to get America back. There should’ve been no surprise when 9-11 happened.

I’d hate to see Hussein play out his words after or during this war. Hussein is known to mean exactly what he says. But, it’s quite obvious the government is too blind to see and too deaf to hear.

With Hussein, the aftermath won’t be as theatrical as sending audio and videotapes. America should’ve left Hussein alone and focused on fixing home first, as President Clinton did.

Robyn K. Mizelle, 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Lake City, Fla. She is the Assistant Opinions Editor for The Famuan. She can be reached at