Marijuana stinks in more than 1 way

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh marijuana in the morning. Well, if you live on campus, it may be the fresh smell of marijuana in the afternoon and evening, as well.

No matter if you decide to call it cannabis, marijuana, Mary Jane or weed, it’s the same evil that’s affecting men every year.

The fact that 32 percent of Americans have admitted to using marijuana at some point doesn’t make it any less illegal.

Even though the majority of people on campus don’t get caught or reprimanded for their usage and ultimate enjoyment of marijuana, every time they light up they’re still at risk of becoming another statistic of being a male locked away.

Though imprisonment may not frighten everyone, the prospect of being expelled from college for smoking weed should be rather embarrassing.

If the fact that over 700,000 people a year get arrested for possessing the substance doesn’t get to you, maybe going straight to your manhood will.

According to Scientific America, high dosages of AM-356 and THC, substances found in marijuana, impair sperm’s ability to bind with the egg’s protective coating.

In short, the more marijuana you take in the less likely you are to go half on a baby with anyone.

For some of the people walking around campus, I guess it’s safe to say that sterility may be a service to humanity.

However, in general, the population doesn’t really need to suffer from the dramatic losses that marijuana could cause, through voluntary sterilization or incarceration.

I’ve heard every argument in favor of the usage and legalization of marijuana, but the truth remains that it is still a drug and ultimately addictive.

Although most users don’t see it or won’t admit it, marijuana is addictive. If you say that you just do it to relax, well, you’re either addicted or on the road to it.

Do you think most alcoholics or addicts of other drugs are able to admit with ease or even see the fact that they’re addicted?

Ultimately, the men on this campus that love their “wacky weed” must realize that they’re en route to become a statistic in one form or another.

Jason E. Hutchins, 18, is a freshman business student from Athens, GA. He is a Page Designer for The Famuan. He can be reached at