Rapper merits acknowledgment

“Nann” was the song that gave Maurice Young the fame he always dreamed of.

This fast spitting, raunchy rapper broke into the music business in 1996, and took the industry by storm. Since then, he has released hit after hit, but some people wouldn’t know it because he’s not being recognized for his talent.

Maurice Young, also known as Trick Daddy, was born and raised in Miami. For some of his teenage years Trick was lost in the prison system.

Upon his release, he submitted lyrics and was eventually signed to Slip-N-Slide Records.

Over the years, Trick wrote and dropped four of his most memorable albums: www.thug.com, Book of Thugs, Thugs R Us, and Thug Holiday. These albums range from gold to multi-platinum, yet he has not received any awards for his hard work.

It takes hard work, determination and dedication to write and release hit after hit.

When you listen to his albums, it’s obvious Trick deserves praise. For some reason, black award shows, like the BET Music Awards and the Soul Train Music Awards, have not given him the recognition he deserves.

Trick Daddy is real. He raps about what is happening in society, in this country, and in this world. Songs like “America,” “Thug Holiday,” “Ain’t no Santa Claus” and “10-20-life” depict how Trick feels about war, religion and his love for children.

In the rap industry, most people talk about money, cars and girls.

I don’t want to hear that. I want to indulge in some thought-provoking lyrics that make me think differently about situations.

Trick Daddy’s albums have done that on more than one occasion. He has brought the issues of war, racism, poverty and religion into perspective for many fans. If the rap critics don’t want to reward him for his accomplishments and straightforward lyrics, fine!

I will do it. Congratulations, Trick Daddy. You’ve become one of the greatest rappers.

Erica Dickens, 21, is a senior social work student from Miami. She can be reached at sexychynathick@aol.com