Circus just a good family show

Florida State University Flying High Circus will perform on the Rattler Stage in the Youth Activity Zone located at the Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Complex for FAMU’s Artists In Bloom festival on Saturday, Mar. 9.

The show will consist of many different ground acts including juggling, hand balancing, acrobatics and other special stunts.

“Aerial acts will not be performed because of safety reasons and lack of equipment and rigging needed for the stunts,” said Richard Brinson, the director of the circus.

FSU is very unique, in that it offers students a chance to participate in a circus class to earn a credit for a physical education class.

The people who participate in the circus are students from FSU.

Tiffani Dunn, a senior biology student from Atlanta, took the class her freshman year and ended up volunteering and staying involved.

“I think the circus is a lot of fun for everyone,” Dunn said, ” including those who participate and the audience.”

Senior, Andrea Rivers became involved with the circus her freshman year for a physical education credit.

Rivers, a psychology student from Tallahassee, participates in a variety of performances that include hand-balancing, acrobatics and fire poi, a complicated act she has been perfecting with her brother.

Rivers loves performing for the community.

” They seem to really enjoy our acts,” she said. “Kids love us. We make eye contact with them and joke around. They love to see us fall,” Rivers laughed, “and I love to hear them cheer.”

Brinson is looking forward to taking part in the Artists in Bloom Festival. Brinson said FSU has an exceptional program.

“This is a very unique program. The students make it unique and it is something you don’t expect to see on a university campus,” Brinson said. “Children really enjoy the show, as do the older people. It’s just a good family show.”

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