Waffles-N-Cream hits the spot

For those hungry for something sweet, Tyrra’s Waffles and Cream is the perfect remedy. Dessert lovers can put an end to their cravings with Tyrra’s own waffles and ice cream.

Located on the corner of FAMU Way and Railroad Avenue Tyrra’s specialty is Waffles -N-Cream, a delicious dessert with a hot Belgian waffle topped with cold ice cream or yogurt and your choice of candy toppings syrups, or fruit. To complete the tasty treat restaurant patrons can add whipped cream. For only $2.99 desert seekers can enjoy a quarter waffle with butter pecan ice cream, whipped cream and hot caramel syrup.

Ice cream lovers can dibble and dabble with the smorgasbord of flavors Tyrra’s offers. For the risk taker Tyrra’s offers Edy’s Strawberry Cheesecake, and the more traditional patron can choose Vanilla Bean. A scoop or cone of your choice (cake or sugar) starts at $1.09 and large sizes are an economical $2.99. In addition to ice cream, Tyrra’s features the snowball, which is shaved ice flavored with syrup of choice and regularly priced at $.99. Fresh baked cookies priced at 3/ $1.00 and milkshakes at $2.99 are also goodies for the conventional snacker.

Tyrra’s Waffles and Cream has definite potential as an in-between class hangout spot because of the friendly atmosphere and cozy setting. If your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied and the ice cream isn’t sweet enough, Tyrra herself adds her own personal sweetness to a patron’s experience in the restaurant. She eagerly greets each customer, and for indecisive customers like myself, she recommends the most popular flavors, toppings, and sauces.

With tasty desserts, a personable waitress, most prices under $3 and a location near campus, Tyrra’s Waffles and Cream is an excellent choice to ease those after class hunger pains.

Farrah Hudson can be reached at hudsonfarrah@yahoo.com