U.S. rushes into war

America is at war.

With hardly any knowledge of the repercussions in store, the United States is attacking Iraq with little to no support.

There are approximately 40 countries in a coalition with the United States, but many world leaders, such as China, Russia and France, are not among them.

Therefore, this country may be forced into a corner with no one to help.

Furthermore, alliances that have been in place with these world leaders since World War II could be broken because of President Bush’s haste.

Because the U.S. government craves being a superpower, it’s going to do anything necessary, even if that means murdering innocent civilians.

Civilians whose whole lives are ahead of them are having their lives put on the back burner to serve this ‘great’ country in the armed forces.

It makes you wonder, would the government leaders be as crazy about going to war if they had family members in the armed services?

Would they be able to live with the blood of their brothers or fathers on their hands?

This blood could even come from biological warfare.

A report stated that an anthrax attack on a city the size of New York could leave more than 100,000 dead within days.

However, leaders have decided to ignore experts. They’d rather have people die.

So let’s get this straight.

People are supposed to defend this country but if biological warfare starts they’ll be dying in large numbers.

But that doesn’t matter because Bush knows what he’s doing. Right? That makes sense.

The United States must seriously consider the consequences of entering this war and what will come after.

We have survived with Saddam Hussein for 12 years without going to war. Why break the peace now?

Dominique Drake for The Famuan.