Spring elections remain unresolved

The original candidates who ran for sophomore attendant and SGA president and vice president may find themselves campaigning all over again.

Larry Rivers and Virgil Miller won the vote to become next year’s SGA leaders, but were disqualified for amassing too many penalty points.

Although they were disqualified the night before runoffs, they were still allowed to be put on the ballot because they appealed the disqualification.

But if their appeal to the Student Supreme Court about their disqualification is denied, they won’t be able to fill those positions despite the fact that they received the majority vote.

The original candidates who ran for sophomore attendant may also find themselves on the campaign trail again if Kim Brown is disqualified for assessing too many points.

Because Brown and Christy Hunt tied in the runoff elections, there would automatically be a runoff election for the position.

“There’s definitely going to be another election day for the sophomore attendant,” said Electoral Commissioner Michael Lipford.

“Since (Brown) was disqualified in the primary elections, if that disqualification holds up in court, everybody in the primary race will be back on the ballot.”

Brown appealed her disqualification to Solicitor General Veronica Gray, who will in turn appeal on her behalf to the Student Supreme Court, Lipford said.

“We haven’t set another election date for sophomore attendant,” Deputy Electoral Commissioner Mikal Lewis said Tuesday. “We’re still waiting on whether those cases would be heard.”

The same is true for Rivers and Miller.

“We’ll have to wait and see if we’ll have a hearing or if they’re going to accept the appeal,” Rivers said.

Rivers and Miller were penalized 30 points for pre-campaigning charges and another 20 points because two campaign workers were accused of walking in the SGA area the day before the runoffs while wearing their campaign T-shirts.

Lewis said Rivers and Miller were assessed an additional 30 points for what he called “blatantly disregarding SGA rules,” bringing their total to 80 points.

“We had warned them about that before,” Lewis said. “There was a vote for disqualification and we (the electoral commission) disqualified them.”

While Rivers, Miller and Brown await the Student Supreme Court’s decisions, the primary candidates may have to dust off their campaign materials, just in case they’re given another chance to win the election.