Fact vs. Fiction

Ever wonder if old wives’ tales, urban legends and home remedies actually cure simple ailments? Does milk really soften the skin or do carrots improve eyesight? Experts help to answer these questions and others …

Is it Really True ?

Sleeping with a bra keeps your breasts from sagging.

Myth: Sagging breasts are attributed to the elasticity in a person’s skin. Although wearing a bra keeps breast perky, a woman’s breast will sag whether or not she chooses to wear a bra, and their droopiness will increase as the woman ages.

Source: www.netasia.com

Smearing toothpaste on pimples will cause them to disappear.

Fact: The sodium in toothpaste dries up the oil held in a pimple, and the alkaline in the paste keeps the pimple from growing. Beware of the menthol in toothpaste, because it can cause redness in sensitive skin. To avoid irritation, use calamine lotion as a substitute.Source:www.edwardwillet.com, www.women-in-asia.com

Eating carrots makes a person’s vision clearer.

Myth: Carrots do not necessarily contribute to better eyesight. Vitamins in general improve eyesight. No scientific research proves this, so it is a misconception.

Source: Maria Williams, an ophthalmic assistant at the South East Eye Specialists

A milk-bath will make a person’s skin softer.

Fact: Powdered milk is a natural skin moisturizer and includes vitamins A, C and D, which all work together to heal and protect the top layer of the skin. Milk also acts as a conditioner for the skin.


Compiled By Farrah Hudson