Bush wastes black blood

There is a hypocrisy in being black and being in the armed forces.

To be black and die for America is to die in vain.

Just study history and you’ll see the pattern. We win America’s wars abroad only to return to poverty and struggle.

Still denied rights and racially profiled, black soldiers have gained nothing for being cannon fodder for America’s agenda.

When blacks fight for America, we aid in the oppression of other people because America fights for nothing noble.

Look at America’s hideous track record, from the genocide of Native Americans to Vietnam. The armed forces are paid murderers for oil and a tyrant’s agenda, instead of defenders of this nation.

Military brothers and sisters, when you go to war, innocent people die at your hands.

Imagine being killed on foreign land for someone else’s vendetta. My heart goes out to those brothers and sisters who will die in this genocide campaign against Iraq. Only time will tell how many black people will be slaughtered once again for this ungrateful nation.

We sit captive as an un-elected, thief-of-a-president slaughters innocents in a war America doesn’t want.

We don’t have to take this! Since 9/11, Bush has used anti-terrorism to justify everything, from bombing innocent countries to ignoring the constitution.

Then there is the paper-thin, third-grade level propaganda about al Qaeda coming from the Bush administration. Their reports are suspiciously thorough about a group whose members they can’t seem to find.

On the surface it seems that President Bush thinks Americans are idiots. In actuality, he thinks we are complacent, spoiled, weak-willed cowards. We’re so stuck on jobs, money, school, and “50 Cent” albums that we won’t challenge their deception.

We’re addicted to garbage and we can’t challenge the system. It’s sad how tolerant our lifestyle has made us.

We live in the lap of luxury compared to the rest of the world. Sadly, the blood of any defenseless nation that has what we want, fuels our economy. If we continue to participate in this madness, we deserve the destruction that will come to this nation.

It’s a shame that we fight because President Bush wants the oil.

Let him go through boot camp and physical training.

One thing is certain; following orders won’t cut it on judgment day.

Theo Wilson, 21, is a senior theatre performance student from Denver, Colo. He can be reached at tejthedimond@homail.com.