Panel to discuss law, arts

The Florida State University College of Law’s Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Society (EASL) will present the first Entertainment, Arts and Sports Industry conference this Friday and Saturday at the college of law.

Panelists will include entertainment, arts and sports lawyers, agents, professional athletes and representatives such as Clay Shiver of Champions for Christ, T.J. Chapman, owner of Wildstyle Records and Irving Thomas, a scout for the Lakers. There will also be a presentation by Paul Dunn, former concert promoter for Prince.

The EASI conference is expected to bring in over 300 people and is designed to provide an opportunity and learning experience for anyone who desires to work in the spotlight or behind the scenes.

“We hope the conference will serve as a vehicle to bring together the ideas and experiences of entertainment and sports industry professionals,” said D’Lorah Butts-Lucas, vice president of EASL

“It will be beneficial to anyone who is in the industry and just beginning,” she added.

Participants will have the opportunity to gather valuable information about each industry. The panel discussions will cover putting together demo tapes, the roles of managers, agents and publicists, copyrighting and breaking into the sports industry.

According to Matthew Lievenhaut, an EASL member and an organizer of the event, the conference will provide a sense of all the basics of each industry.

“They [participants] get a good sense of all the basic aspects of the industries … it [the conference] is geared toward anyone who wants to break into either industry,” Lievenhaut said.

One of the panelists, Sean Brooks, A&R (artist and repertory) for urban and hip-hop music at Artemis Records, will discuss how to put together CDs, demos and setting up proposals to companies.

Not only does Brooks hope to pass on his experience and knowledge to others but he also hopes to learn something from other panelists in attendance.

“I think it is important to help other people and inform them about getting in the industry. I have knowledge from what someone taught me and I can teach other people,” Brooks said.

“I am hoping to also get more knowledge from some of the other panelists.”

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