Leaving home sparks creativity

Leaving home creates a variety of new experiences, one of which is the freedom to design a new living space. The opportunity to display the individuality and creativity you’ve been hiding behind the bedroom walls at home has finally presented itself.

“The most obvious reason students like myself don’t have lavish apartments is because it’s expensive to decorate on a small stipend,” said Alicia Green, 20, junior business major from Detroit.

Shows such as “Trading Spaces” and “While You Were Out” dispel the belief that decorating is always an expensive project.

“The most important thing to keep in mind when organizing your decorative ideas is who the room is for,” said Elizabeth Nash, resident of East Saint. Louis, IL.

“People are uniquely different and often view things, especially art, in their own light.”

A popular decorating trend is the use of candles throughout the home. According to “Big Ideas For Small Spaces” by Christine Brun-Abdelnour, candles serve two distinct purposes: to tease your eye and to add fragrance to the air. They are a hassle free alternative to fresh flowers.

Another great resource suggested by Nash is the use of photographs.

“If you’re dealing with a low budget, like most college students are, photographs are a great substitute for expensive artwork,” Nash said.

Pictures also add personality to the home and surround the occupant with the faces of loved ones, Nash said.

Getting organized is another important concept when re-decorating your home.

“When I’m organized, it makes my life a little less hectic,” said Ayo Suber, 20, a junior business student from Charlotte, N.C.

“It’s easier to find things and it’s more presentable for company.”

Lighting can play a large role in the comfort of a room. A good suggestion for this problem according to Brun-Abdelnour is to be mindful to keep your window unadorned. Doing this will allow for the maximum light to enter the room.

“I focused on using brighter colors in my room to make it look spacious,” said Suber.

“I painted my walls a soft green this year and I think it’s helping reduce my electric bill because I’m not using the lights during the day as much. I didn’t think about it when I was painting but I’m glad I decided to do it.”

Passion N. Tolson can be reached at Passion1.tolson@famu.edu.