Scandal with the Spring 2003 Elections

I would like the campus to be aware of the activities that went on with this year elections. There were several things that were unfair and unethical that went on during campaign week. I went to the candidates meeting and in this meeting the electoral commission made it clear that any candidate that received 30 points would be disqualified. This was a flat out lie because there were several candidates who received 30 points and somehow they ended up in the current runoff elections. At this meeting the commission also made it clear that no form of parading would be tolerated; however, Frday February 28, 2003 a candidate for the Spring 2003 elections had a parade with a fire truck that went from the front of McGuinn to the set. Two members of the commission stated that they did no consider it a parade and therefore the electoral commissioner left the matter alone. The commission failed to let the other candidates in the Spring 203 elections know that the candidate who use he fire truck got special permission to use it. I am sure that if the other candidates in this race knew they could get special permission to rid through the set they would have.

The bottom line is that the electin process on this campus awful. Candidates that are favored are treated better than those who are not. Greeks are given more of a chance than independent candidates. For example in the Miss Florida &M University race the three independent candidates had platforms that included activities that would better FAMU whereas the Greek candidates had platforms that did not even mention helping FAMU. It is time for the student body to wake up and pick the best person for the job, not the most popular. The elections process on this campus is very superficial. No one should be honored with a position on the royal court or in SGA if they do not have a platform that involves doing something for FAMU. After all if FAMU were not here then they would not be here either.