New talk show debuts on FAMU 20

For years Detroit has presented the entertainment world with a plethora of talent ranging from Motown to the controversial Eminem. So why expect any less in 2003?

This talent is shown here on FAMU’s campus through the efforts of four young men that hail from the Motor City.

They are: Clifton Dailey, Jason Douglas, Michael Shine and Steven Lett. Together the four of them are the masterminds behind the show “Real Talk”.

Daily, 21, a senior mechanical engineering student and one of the show’s hosts, originally came up with the idea for a talk show that brings to life the realities of the FAMU community. He later collaborated with Douglas, Shine and Lett, all of whom have known each other for a total of six years.

“The show’s purpose is to let students know what is really going on on campus without sugar coating anything,” Daily said. “They will be able to learn anything they need to know from their own peers along with experts.”

The show, which premieres on March 19, will air every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on Ch. 20. The first show will cover sexual relationships and will feature a panel of students and local experts. There will also be live music from DJ Touré.

“Real Talk” is design to touch on topics that students encounter in everyday college life such as relationships, money, campus life, entrepreneurship drugs and peer pressure.

According to Douglas, 21, a senior business administration student and co-host, the show takes on its own personality, as it is a combination of various aspects of today’s talk shows like 106 and Park and Teen Summit.

“Basically I see it as the first personality talk show … it will have a local spin, be humorous and have attitude,” Douglas said.

The show’s hosts and producers not only intend to attract a large audience but they also want to breathe life back into the television station.

“The show will be something FAMU students have never seen before, I believe it will help the revitalization of the TV station as well,” said Lett, 21, a senior pharmacy student and show producer.

“Real Talk” will be revealing, educational and entertaining but it will also revolve around the student body, by featuring Madden tournaments, live disc jockeys and freestyle battles.

The group also plans to host parties and hold several events on the Set. However, it doesn’t stop there. The Detroit natives, who are also known for their work with the student travel program and Collegiate Explorations, will be doing work with the Boys and Girls club and the NAACP.

The show’s creators strive to enlighten the student body and the surrounding community on the topics that are most important to them.

“We wanted to bring forth some of the issues we as college students go through on a daily basis,” said Shine, 21, a junior business administration student and show producer. “The show will give our audience insight on what is going on in today’s society and on and off campus.”

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