Spring break internships provide big advantages

Every year spring breakers travel to exotic locations and beaches to relax and party.

But during one spring break, Breona Hayes, 19, found herself working with a local pharmaceutical company instead of relaxing in the sunshine.

Hayes, a pharmacy student from Jacksonville opted to stay in town instead of leaving for the break.

She decided that instead of shopping for bathing suits and reserving a hotel room, she would shop for a business suit and pantyhose for an internship.

Spring break internships allow students to familiarize themselves with various companies within their chosen career field

“I got a lot of hands on experience and got a chance to network with people in my field,” Hayes said.

“When people look on my resume and see that I interned during spring break, they are impressed.”

Despite the benefits of interning, some students still insist that spring break is their time.

“I pour myself into my school work all semester and I think I deserve a small break,” said Jamal Davis, a 22-year-old senior business student from Los Angeles.

Some students who look forward to taking a break from their studies can’t imagine choosing to join the workforce instead.

“It never really crossed my mind that I could intern during spring break,” said Cinitra Williams, 21, a junior social work student from St. Petersburg.

“But I am considering it this spring break seeing how I am approaching graduation, and internships are vital.”

Many spring breakers do not realize that employers look highly at spring break interns.

“I think that if a student decides to intern during spring break, that sets him or her apart from other students who are vying for the same spot during the summer,” said Afrika Lander, an Essence magazine merchandising coordinator.

“It is essential to try to set yourself apart and show that you are hungry for the position.”

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