New venue offers tasty alternatives

If you’re in the mood for something other than fried chicken, visit Chicken Kitchen. Just when Popeye’s was becoming a mainstay for my chicken cravings, I heard about Chicken Kitchen.

Chicken Kitchen offers tasty food at prices reasonable enough to fit a tight budget. Located at the Ocala Corners Shopping Center, on the corner of Ocala Road and Tennessee Street, Chicken Kitchen’s newest location marks northern expansion of the Miami-based restaurant.

Any serious chicken chopper will love the wide variety of dishes Chicken Kitchen offers. Their specialty dish is the Chop-Chop, a platter of chopped chicken breast or thigh mixed with vegetables served over white or yellow rice.

These dishes come in several flavors including vegetarian, Cuban and Mexican. Specialty Chop-Chops are a little more exotic and a little more expensive, but well worth the price.

The Thai Chop-Chop, another of the restaurants specialties consist of a generous helping of chopped chicken in a coconut sauce with grilled onions, red and green bell peppers and mushrooms. Fresh corn is added, giving the dish a full flavor and a nice appearance.

The small-sized dinner was definitely worth the $6 spent .

In addition to Chop-Chops, Chicken Kitchen also features grilled chicken and three types of salads on its menu. The topping bar has everything you can imagine, from honey mustard sauce to orange n’ curry sauce.

Chicken Kitchen’s friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere make it a prime attraction for college students. With most menu items priced between $3 and $5, you can eat well without spending a lot of money.

Chicken Kitchen chefs grill everything, so it’s a healthy alternative to the fried chicken restaurants around town.

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